About Nichem
Our electronic device grade of materials is verified by lots of customer in the worldwide period of long time. Besides of physic properties inspection for OQC /FQC assurance, we also aggressive to take more time to enhance our production flow design, synthesis approach design and process controlled. On the other hand, our sublimation process is unique on machine and material unloading design to guarantee quality with high performance and stability on OLED device.

If you need electroluminescent OLED device for laboratory or industry purpose, Nichem can always provide you the best solution. We are professional in enhancing your device performance, manufacture process, and etc. Moreover, we also aim to offer our customer a practical business model to reach low-cost, high yield, high quality & performance and to be more competitive & profitable.

a. Reputation, Quality, Delivery
b. Growing with Customers
c. Keep Going Innovation
d. Solutions